How We Service Your Car


Getting your car serviced at Vermont Automotive Services is NOT just your average car service. There is so much more that goes into a car service at our premier "dealership alternative" full-service center.

At Vermont Automotive Services, your safety is one of our top priorities and we make sure that every vehicle we see is safe to be on the road. Let's walk through the process and all that you get with your service and answer the question about why it takes about an hour to an hour and a half for this service.

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Whether you schedule an appointment or just pop in, you will be greeted by one of our friendly professionals. Then one of our Service Advisors will check in your vehicle and get your updated information and ask if there are any concerns you have with your vehicle at this time. Some of the questions we will ask are: how's the braking? is there any thing that we need to pay particular attention to? like windscreen wipers, lights, tyres, fuel consumption?

You may stay and wait in our comfortable customer lounge if you'd like and enjoy a complimentary beverage and/or a snack. We also have TV and FREE Wi-Fi available for you too. If you prefer, we can give you a ride to home or work with our FREE shuttle service and even pick you up when your car is ready! Our shuttle service is not bound by routes and times, we just make it convenient for you!

Once your car is checked into the shop, one of our excellent Technicians starts the process for your Service. Your vehicle will be test driven before we do any work on your car, during this we are checking for how the car performs on the road  and making note of anything that we may notice.

After the test drive, we perform the inspection focussing on several important safety aspects of your car. The visual courtesy inspection includes checking the exterior lights and wiper blades, interior lights and warning lights. The technicians also check for any abnormal noises the vehicle may be making. We also inspect the battery and terminals, air filter, all of the belts and hoses, and the throttle body. Then, under the vehicle we do a visual inspection of both the front and rear brake system, brake hoses, steering components, CV/U-joints, shocks, struts, exhaust system, condition of each of your tires for wear, balance and alignment issues. We also check the tyre pressures and rotate the tyres front to back, making sure that you have the best 2 tyres on the front. We also inspect, check and replenish the vital fluids for your vehicle to include windshield washer fluid, engine oil, transmission fluid, front differential, rear differential, transfer case, and radiator coolant. We also check the power steering fluid and brake fluid.

Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 service in Vermont VIC

The technician records their findings on the inspection sheet and also notes any other recommendation he may have, as well as the manufacturers recommendations for services that may be due on your vehicle.
Your Service Advisor informs you of the inspection results and puts this information on your receipt for you to have for your records. It is also noted in our computer system for our records so we have it ready for any of your future visits.
It is our job at Vermont Automotive Services to keep you informed about your vehicle and especially to inform you if we detect any safety issues with your car. If you ever have a question about your vehicle we are happy to answer them. We will even take you in the back to see your car and the technician so you can see first hand our inspection results.

We do take longer than a quick lube type business for your car service but we also provide you with the very best in service, education, and expert Technicians in Vermont and the surrounding area.

Bring your car to Vermont Automotive Services, we'll earn your trust!
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