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Vermont Automotive are your carburettor experts in Vermont VIC.

We specialise in repair and service of SU carburettors which are widely used in the following makes:

Morris    Bentley    Turner    Triumph    Saab    Riley
MG    Rover    Austin    Volvo    Jaguar    Rolls-Royce

The refurbishment, repair and tuning of carburettors is becoming a lost art. With decades of experience spanning two generations, we enjoy making sure that classic vehicles still have a presence on our roads. Our team of technicians can tune your car for driveability, responsiveness, power and economy - whether it is a street car or race car. We can also refurbish, rebuild and repair your vehicle.

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“I own an Austin Healey that has never run right. Vermont Auto Services head mechanic Chris has now overhauled the SU carburettors and they run like clockwork. Could not be happier!”

Bill Metcalf Vice President Austin Healey Car Club

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The SU carburettor is relatively simple and, as such, pretty reliable. Proper maintenance is required to keep them running properly though. Making sure they are cleaned and all parts are checked for wear is essential. To inspect and clean the carburettor, we carefully disassemble it, making sure alignment of the dashpot to the piston is marked for easy reassembly. Needles and seats are inspected and replaced as required. Floats are inspected and reset as required. Piston springs are checked for continuity. Once cleaned and inspected, the carburettor is reassembled. The base idle is then set and all carburettors are balanced.

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