4 X 4 Suspension


Want optimal performance from your 4x4 suspension?

It's amazing how often people overlook their 4x4's suspension when upgrading their vehicle. Just like our legs are crucial to our load bearing capacity and ability to move smoothly and comfortably over all types of terrain, it's the same integral role provided by your 4x4's suspension.


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Limitations of factory engineered suspension systems

While your 4x4 comes with a factory engineered suspension system, it's generally only designed and manufactured to handle a boot load of gear, general on-road driving and some off-road driving, as well as light towing. So when you try to navigate more difficult terrain with heavier loads, your riding comfort, handling, towing and load carrying capabilities will suffer. Also, the more pressure you put on your factory engineered suspension by pushing it beyond its standard capabilities, the higher the chance you'll cause components to break down, the same way your knees, ankles and joints feel the impact of more intensive wear and tear, the more regularly you use them in traversing tougher conditions.

Increase your vehicle's performance with a custom fitted 4x4 suspension system

As suspension affects every aspect of driving, if you want your vehicle to be able to handle every task you throw at it, choosing the right suspension is key. Whether you choose to install some top quality shock absorbers or springs, or a full suspension kit, you'll instantly notice an improvement with your 4x4's handling, especially when towing or carrying heavy loads. If you're an off-road driving enthusiast, you'll also find that different types of suspension perform better, in terms of safety, comfort and functionality in different conditions.

4x4 suspension system advice from industry experts

Whatever your primary focus, from off-road performance through to load carrying or bearing, you'll be able to find the ideal 4x4 suspension system or components at Vermont Automotive Services Our 4x4 specialists have years of expertise in suspension and will take the time to discuss your needs, budget and lifestyle before offering advice on the right system to suit. Drop in and see our friendly team today for you and your family's on and off-road safety.


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